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mixing ass and sass since 2004
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Welcome to le_ass!

A community about, well, ass, and the people who like to show of their butt/underwear/bras/boobs/stomachs/aldkfjal/ whatever. don't feel conceited, we all do! -especially jonathan- what?
Here are some rules

1. NO NUDE PICTURES. dlajsdlfkjaldka I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. NO NUDES. NOTHING OF THAT SORT. UNDERWEAR IS ALLOWED, BUT NO THONGS THANKS. if you're going to send nudes, send them to marissa. she likes nudes.
2. No assholes (..haha!) or elite attitudes. all asses are created equally...some just look better.
3. BE A GOOD SPORT. if you get rejected, come back in a week or so and try again. dont go on a "i hate all asses" spree because well, that would be a lie if you ever said that. and if you are friends of the admins of this community but you get rejected, please know that its nothing against you personally. unless you're ugly.
4. You must be at least 14 to join. Maybe its just me, but 10 year old ass isn't as hot as it used to be.
5. You must have at least 3 pictures of your butt/stomach/ any area that shows your underwear and one of your face when you submit your entry form. this isn't ass-tronomy, its common sense. Why join an ass community, if you can't show your ass?
6. CELLULITE=BAD! no, having millions of dimples on your ass or body isn't the new hot.
7. current studies have shown that there is no ass hotter, firmer, sexier, larger, or better then marissa-ass or jonathan-ass. so don't disrespect the admins.
8. Do not comment on anyones entries until you have joined!! once you have registered, you can only comment on your own. thanks.
9. Pictures must be posted in at THE MOST a week after you register. if not, you will be deleted.
10. Have a blASSt!!

Entry Form!

Sexual Preference(gay or straight?):
Favorite style of unders:
Why your body deserves to be part of le_ass:

now get your ass out of here and register!

You can reach jonathan and marissa on AIM. just ask them for their sn's.
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